Assembly Lubricant

Microlon Assembly Lubricant should be used on all moving parts during assembly. Lightly coat all bearings, shafts, bushings, sleeves, piston rings, ring lands, pistons, cylinder bores, wrist pins, valve stems, valve guides, timing chains, gears, camshaft lobes, rocker arms, pushrod ends and anywhere metal-to metal contact occurs. This Lubricant also provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for long-term storage after assembly. It will not run off during storage and protects against dry-starts when the unit is returned to service. Because Microlon reduces friction in close fits, it will prevent many seizing and galling problems.

High-Temperature Grease

Microlon Hi-Temp Grease is a water resistant, extreme-pressure, heavy-duty wheel bearing and general purpose grease. It is manufactured from selected lubricating oil stocks and thickened with a complex soap stock. It contains additional rust inhibitors that help the Microlon resin protect metal surfaces under extreme service. This unique composition provides outstanding film strength and adhesive properties. As a result, Microlon Hi-Temp Grease is particularly effective in providing low wear in shock load service and is the best all-around Microlon grease.