We offer Treatment Kits that have been created to give optimum results for specfic types of engines. Each Kit contains Microlon’s Fuel System Treatment which contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. These ingredients combine to prepare the pore structure to receive the Microlon Engine Treatment and provide lasting protection. Our Engine Treatment significantly reduces the harmful effects of friction by coating internal engine parts with a durable micro-thin dry film lubricant coating. Unlike our competitors, Microlon treats engine metal, not the oil! These Treatment Kits save you money by reducing fuel consumption, decreasing maintenance costs and extending the life of your engine. You will also notice smoother operation and improved performance with increased horsepower and torque. Noxious emissions from a treated engine will also be reduced. All Microlon products are GUARANTEED to last the life of your engine.

These kits are for engines only. For other automotive products, such as power steering, transmission, differential and transfer case treatments, as well as greases, can be found in the Single Products section.